Thursday, August 18, 2011

St Augustine's Treasures

First stop was Woody'sBarBQ in St Augustine!  Bill had some coupons for the restaurant that expired today so we packed it up and took a drive!  Being retired does have its perks.
Next stop was to the yarn shop but when we arrived-the store was filled with something but not yarn!  I called the number on the business card I had gotten on the last visit and she gave me directions to her new location-about a mile away in her home (the Garmin helps)!  Her husband's health had deteriorated and he needed round the clock care-she is able to do this and run her retail business, too!  So, was very pleased to visit with her and pick up some yarn for a project you will see more of next week!
Last treasure of the day was the beach-the rain was threatening but the ocean was so calming to stand and watch!  The air was very warm and the breeze was perfectly warm and tropical-I would have loved to have a hammock in which to recline!  Bill and I still brace for cold air when a storm rolls in but it doesn't happen this way at all-the temperatures dip a bit but stay warm and moist-not chilling at all!  Have I mentioned how much I love living here!?!
There were about a dozen surfers catching the waves before the storm.  We had a nice relaxing stroll watching both the waves and the surfers!
When we looked behind us to head back to the car, the sky had darkened considerably with huge storm clouds!  The sea oats contrasted beautifully with the sky!
This is what I worked while driving to to St Augustine..........
And this on the way home-no chart reading required!  I can make a pair of socks almost without looking!


  1. Those are my mittens! I see my mittens!!! Oh, wait, the beach is pretty, too. :)

    The new yarn is lovely; those shades of blue are mesmerizing.

  2. I love pork ribs when I go out - something we never cook at home! Tonight we had Irish stew cooked in our new slow cooker - it certainly has been cold and wet enough!

    I'm glad the owner of the yarn shop is able to look after her husband and run her business from home.

    Come and teach me to knit toe-up socks please - I am tutoring an all-day workshop Sept 17 on that very topic and haven't successfully completed a sock yet (cast off too tight is the major problem)! Give me cuff down any time!

  3. love the blues with a hint of purple in the new yarn - whatever is that going to be?:)) and great storm pix - it almost looks like thunder rolling in on the last photo! nice to be driven around and to be able to knit - one of the downsides if you use a bike instead of a car - no knitting possible:))


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