Monday, August 15, 2011

Life Goes by Very Quickly

I have had a busy few days-the away from the house busy!  I made this dress-up outfit for a birthday gift;
the t-shirt is store bought and the skirt is from a wedding dress that was given to me to have fun with and I have!  The dress is higher in the front so there will not be any tripping while being worn!
I accompanied a friend to Jacksonville on Friday and worked on my knitting on the way.  (Got to stop quick and give Caleb a hug-always a bonus!) When we got back to my house, we lingered long in the pool to unwind and cool off-it is summer hot here!   (These fingerless mitts were from the left over yarn from the mystery shawl in June-in fact, I have enough for another pair!  I used a lace pattern from a magazine but 'designed' the rest of the mitt myself.
Saturday, we went to a children's birthday party where the fun never stopped!  (Note to parents of young children:  if you know of an older couple who do not have local family members living nearby, invite them to join in your celebration--we miss most of our immediate families' birthdays so this was such a gift to be included as 'family' to this party!)
I watched a budding artist gather blooms to make this beautiful display-she has quite an eye, doesn't she?! (the egg was a dud-don't panic)
After a quick rain shower, a dozen hummingbirds came for a drink-they wouldn't hold still for a good photo but you get the idea-just beautiful!
Yesterday afternoon after church as Bill watched golf and I sat knitting, (the one on the right was using left over balls of cotton-I knit one row across and back, and then the other ball-alone there wasn't enough of either color but together they were just right!)  we had a fast paced thunder storm roll through-the rain was wonderful but the lightening was very close-
 In fact, our neighbors called to say how close-they lost several very large branches, this one took down the power line to their house!  The wind was pretty impressive, too!
 The only damage was to their power line, which was amazing considering the number of branches downed.
 Almost but not quite on their painting shed;
and almost but not quite on the lean-to roof!  Always exciting.


  1. The party looked like fun (the outfit is adorable -- what a great 'girl' gift!), the storm not so much. Glad the damage was minimal.

  2. That dress looks so cool! I'll bet the recepient will have tons of fun with it.

    I love the mitts! I need to knit a pair for me some day. Goodness knows I have enough left over yarn from various projects to do several.

    Those are some very near misses with those limbs. There must have been many "Thank yous" said for being saved from worse.

  3. My you have had a busy few days, haven't you? Thrills as well with close thunderstorms!

    I love the play dress.

  4. I bet the new owner of the dress was extremely proud:)) and I could do without the excitement of near misses... when we have a hefty storm I always worry about finding destruction afterwards:(( luckily the power line is out of the way of the larger trees, but it's bad enough to loose some plants that were nurtured over years...
    you are into a mitten phase? must be down to the weather you're having:))


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