Friday, June 1, 2012

A Hug in a Box!

See what came in the mail today!   Happiness in a box-the McKees sent me some yarn to encourage me to stay off my foot!  It is a bribe and it works.
I immediately set it to the needles and savored the feel of good yarn in my hands!  I am using the Philomena cardigan pattern again.


  1. Now that a great incentive to keep the foot propped up. Nice cheery color, too!

  2. Dare I ask if you have any UFO's?? Sharon

  3. Some mothers get mother gets yarn! :)

  4. Lovely! What a wonderful gift.

  5. That's a beautiful color for that pattern!

  6. How wonderful that the yarn is just Marsel's color. She can send me a yarn I mean hug anytime she wants.


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