Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Tropical Storm Debby is bringing tons of rain-the pool is way too full and the cats are disgusted with all the wet!  We are very happy with our +6" so far and more due today.  
 I received this angora fiber for my FiberBinderClub this month.  I hand carded it then spun it on my little takli spindle.
 The cats went crazy over the smell and I had some tricky maneuvers a few times to get away from them but over all it spun similar to cotton but not quite!
 I plied it on the takli, too, and it plied very easily.
 What an amazing little skein of angora yarn!
I knit it up into a swatch for my reference binder-I wish I could share with you how soft it is-and light as a feather!


  1. Aw, think of all those poor bare bunnies! Just kidding, I'm sure the fleece is wonderful.

  2. and a lovely grey - I only have white, so I usually blend it with something else... a little bit goes a long way for fluffiness! I'd say pure angora would be a bit too warm for your temps:)

  3. So, do you have to drain some of the water out of the pool before you can swim in it? How does the rain water affect the chemicals in the pool? Have you ever gotten so much rain that you have had to completely drain the pool and start all over again? Can you tell I have never had a pool? :) This is a new concept to me.

    I love that you knit a swatch with your fiber samples. Whenever I talk to new and potential members, I always mention your knitting a swatch and their faces get that "light bulb moment" look. I have the feeling lots of people now knit swatches, and why not? How else can you tell how the yarn is going to look in a project, or at what gauge it should be knitted than to do a sample? You are one smart lady.

  4. Your rain looks delightful. A perfect reason to stay indoors and spin.


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