Thursday, June 14, 2012

She is Moving Around.....

.... Just a lot slower and taking a lot of pit stops for knitting.  I still can't stand for long.  I started a KAL with my fiber group on Yahoo and this is the pattern for a scarf!  Lace weight yarn on #6 needles.
 I finished the face cloth  and am casting on the second one on smaller needles for a tighter knit. This blocked out at 12" square-very soft.
 I have been plugging away on the quilt on the frame ( so that it is empty for Marsel to use when she gets here tomorrow)!  I could only do one row before I had to sit down-10-15 mins is tops for standing up!
But as with many of my projects, just keep plugging away and it finally gets the job done!
 So much texture-I do like to use a very curvy quilting pattern when the piecing is very geometric.
 The 'hug' yarn is blocking so it will be ready to give to Marsel tomorrow! I even have the buttons to sew on in the morning . This yarn just keeps giving out hugs!
 I finally started a bit of sewing on the nursery pile-this is the beginning of the crib skirt.
And the variegated yarn is turning out nicely-I have plenty of knits on the needles so I do not get bored!


  1. I am shocked at how many projects you start and finish and all of this with an injured foot. You are amazing!

  2. I'm coming, I'm coming! I want to see all of these in person. :)

  3. Yep, it's good to have so much happening that oyu don't get bored! And it keeps you off your foot for too long!

  4. I agree! You don't let anything get in the way of your fiber frolics, do you? Wow!

  5. I think you must be working 24/7 to finish all those projects! I still love the colours of that quilt - perfect for autumn!

  6. I sure do admire you for all the projects you get done. Colors are beautiful. I like the navy lace scarf. I don't believe there isn't anything you can't do. Amazing quilter!

  7. Wow you have been a busy girl . It doesn't look like you let pain &injury slow you down at all. Beautiful work Cindy.


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