Monday, June 11, 2012

At Least I'm Knitting

Knitting.........doesn't care how many feet you have or not.  Hmm, baby items for some reason.
 I have started a shawl with the yarn spun and dyed.........Slice of Spring pattern.
 And I received this wonderful book by Kay Meadors........filled with quick and easy patterns and beautiful gift items.
 It is a great addition for your own knitting library, charity knitting or for your guild library.  I am starting with the dishcloth with some KnitPicks yarn from my stash.
JD has found a new hiding spot when the rain drives her inside......isn't she cute?!


  1. Are those baby things for the new granddaughter?

    My cats will sleep in the darnedest places, too. So cute, though!

  2. Knitting is an approved activity...good job, Mom! Can't wait until I get there in a few days...I will be your feet and we will have lots of togetherness! :-D

    JD is too cute!

  3. I love when cats try to cram themselves into small spaces, lol! You are such a fast knitter! I'm so slow, but maybe it's because I get too many projects going at once. How many do you have started at once?

  4. I'm with Marsel - knitting is very much allowed! And you're doing a great job. How goes the cardigan that you started with Marsel's gift?

  5. nice, you have cat fur in your stash:) what does she do if you pull her out in her box? good thing that my dog doesn't fit any of my wool boxes! you're making good progress on the baby knits - soon she'll be fully equipped:)

  6. I love Kay's new book, too! Congrats on walking again.


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