Monday, June 11, 2012

Foot Adventures

 This afternoon Bill drove me to St Augustine for an appointment with the orthopedic specialist.

 After the doctor's appointment, Bill rewarded me with a dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.
 It was just perfect to eat overlooking the ocean.
 On the way home, the the clouds were rolling in.
 The palm trees never cease to thrill us; they make the scenery to tropical and remind us of where we are every time!
 I can walk again!  The first few hours were pretty painful but being upright cancelled out the pain!  No more crutches!  The doctor expects great improvement in two weeks......the nerve damage might take longer but as long as I can walk, I will be overjoyed!  Here's to being upright.
We made it home just ahead of the rain-we have been blessed with 10" this last month which is more than we had all of last year!


  1. Hurrah! Praise the Lord!

    We had a month's worth of rain in 36 hours - please, Lord, can we have some sunshine?

  2. Yipee!!Wonderful news that your on the move without the crutches. Those darn things beccome as the kids say OLD!!
    Nice to have a lunch out and make it a day.
    Keep dry..How is the new kitten doing?

  3. Glad you finally found out what was the matter!! do I hear you thinking--how can I make a knit cover for this ugly thing?? Sharon

  4. Fancy new accessory you got there...too bad they didn't have it in brown, since black isn't your standard neutral. ;)

    Do please remember that an aircast is not a license to run marathons...!

    Beautiful beach picture!

  5. those clouds look sensational! probably you'll end up with a lovely jungle soon, if the rain doesn't stop:)
    good to see you up on your feet again - just don't overdo it as soon as you can! and if you ever lift something heavy again - drop it on your other foot so that you can keep on spinning:)

  6. So glad you can get out and about again. Isn't it interesting that it is so huge for just a foot problem?

  7. Great news! I'm so happy you're up and about.


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