Tuesday, November 6, 2012


These are the mitts I spun from the Romney fiber on my new wheel.  I tend not to discuss politics but today, I will be wearing these as my 'statement' on the election.  I voted early since I was going to be in NY and not my own state to vote today.  I hope you will exercise your privilege to participate in the election today .


  1. Lovely!

    Hope you're having a wonderful time away from home.

  2. Good thing our candidate has a nice, warm fiber since you need them to stay warm enough today! :)

  3. funny, I thought about the fibres, too, when I first heard that name:) no romney on the wheel in our house though - I wonder if there is someone called mohair:) I am rather glad that the elections are over now, we had tv coverage about it for ages - I think even more than we have for our own elections!
    enjoy the time with your parents - even if it's cold compared to your home:)


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