Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NY Project Line Up

 Mom and I made this set of fingerless mitts and matching hat.
 We finished the wall hanging we bought the other day.  This one is for my sister.
 We tied this quilt that we made last winter, now Mom just has to apply the binding and it will be in the finished pile!
 I made this pair of fingerless mitts for Alicia.
 Mom made this hat for Shelly.
 This afghan was given to Mom to finish.  It just needs two rows of double crochet around the outside now and it is finished.
 We got Mom's wall hanging all quilted and ready to hang!
I got these scarlet fingerless mitts finished just in the nick of time for Amanda.
My flying home project was this pair of socks-I got one done on my L  O  N  G  flight home via Detroit, Atlanta and then finally Jacksonville!  The other is also done and ready to gift!  I'd say we had a great time knitting-think about one word per stitch and you can understand how we filled the airwaves together!  <3 p="p">


  1. You blow me away! What a special time with your mom!

  2. What a wonderful crafting time. I have those memories with my daughter. One word per stitch is A. Lot. Of. Words!

  3. Each of you get so much done on your own, so put the two of you together and "dynamic duo" comes to mind!!! :)

    So many nice, tangible reminders of your time together. Now to line up more projects in anticipation of January, when you will once again be working on the bucket list together!

  4. Looks like I have ufo's...What a greaat week we had!!! Love, Mom

  5. have you done anything else but crafting?:) or have you been gone a few months? you have been busy! looks like you're all set for christmas presents....I wish I was that productive, but I am still doddling around with that cardie...

    (my security word is "yarne" today - how fitting:)

  6. Whoa! You guys are productive. It's hard to believe you got so much done while visiting.

  7. Everything is so cool but especially love the quilts!

  8. I am amazed at how much you get done. One project is as nice as the next.

  9. I so enjoy your blog. You always have such different projects to show us. Thanks for a good job done.


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