Monday, November 19, 2012

Projects at Home

 I have been knitting.  A lot.  This is the finished baby ensemble for grand daughter #3 which is weeks from her arrival.
 I am also knitting her a baby blanket like Mom's entrelac throw.  It is a wonderful knit if you want a great project.
 I got out a fleece, Merino/Columbia cross to wash while Bill was gone for the day.
 I put it in the tub for its many washes and rinses.  It turned out beautifully!  I took it with me to the Purple Cow Festival for demonstrating carding and spinning.  It is so soft and lofty!  It is going to be a great fiber.
 The day was so busy at the festival, I totally forgot about taking a picture of us!  After our totally perfect day, we went out and had a great dinner at Our Deck Down Under before we headed home.
 We ate out on the deck and watched the boats and sea gulls.  How relaxing to eat with this view in front of us!
The cats enjoyed having me in my own sewing room again so they could help.  I got my own wall hanging done and will be putting it up right after Thanksgiving.


  1. I love the ensemble for GD#3. It must be getting very exciting at your place with the holidays and a baby due! This one is local, right?

    Did you dye the yarn for the blanket? I love the colours.

    I, too, am making a wall hanging, I'm hoping it will be finished in time to hang for the family get together on 16 December!

  2. I'll be there to help you put up the wallhanging!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

    Can't wait to feel that afghan in person. Are the cats excited that I'm coming?!

    I love the rainbow in the bottom left corner of the water picture!

  3. You are such a talented knitter. I love the baby outfit and taking a picture with your cat is so cute. The new baby will love that picture when he or she gets older.

  4. Mmmmm Merino/Columbia! I'll bet that spins up nicely. Are you going to dye it?

    I love the baby sweater - and your model did a great job sitting still for you. ;)


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