Tuesday, January 7, 2014


 I made a woolen table runner with the only kind of snowflakes I hope to see!  It is 18" wide and 56" long ( the width of the fabric).
 I applied the snowflakes by needle felting the layers together and then used matching wool for the blanket stitch to finish the edge.
I used this to do the needle felting-much faster than trying it by hand!  I used the Accuquilt Go! cutter to easily cut out the snow flakes........yup, I say it often, having the right tools makes a job much easier!
 This is the left over sock yarn on the needles for another pair of socks-I split the yarn so I will knit until I run out!
 We did get a freeze last night-Bill runs the sprinklers so that the ice gives some protection to the plants out front;  since the air temp went to 27F, this does offer a bit of extra protection.
 The potted plants on the front porch get bundled under this tarp and we turn on a lamp in there for them!
The more delicate ones come into the garage for a sleep over!  One more frost tonight and then we will bounce back to temperatures that are much milder.  I do love Florida!


  1. Ah, but when the cold does, hit, people in Florida are so unprepared. Hope you stay warn and cozy.

  2. Pretty table runner...I love winter stuff in blue and white.

    Sorry you got frost, but I do love the icy wonderland look in your yard!

  3. Love the table runner. So simple but so effective. Having the right told definitely makes a huge difference. in my house I'd be concerned about it getting too dirty.

  4. love the table runner---all that ice will scare your Mom and Dad away!1 Are they there yet?? Sharon

  5. Just think "WARM"! I've been covering our plants for the past couple nights.


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