Thursday, January 23, 2014

Needles and Yarn

Our sandhill crane couple come up to the house every morning to ask for corn and lately the male has been banging on the sliding glass door -it is very loud banging, make you jump in your chair banging!   He is competing with his reflection-getting all bothered about a problem that is just in his head.   I think it is a good lesson for us to make sure that the things that we might rail against all day is really an adversary and not just a reflection of one!
 I have been down with this sinus headache and bronchitis again!  I am on a new course of antibiotics and steroids so the third time will be the charm!  I am getting knitting done at least!   Here is a cowl I am knitting, the one on the cover of the book.   It is a delightful knit.
 I have the second pair of socks done-I sure got a lot of mileage out of this skein of Chroma yarn!
The pattern is written for handspun yarn;  I love the directions, repeat this chart until you run out of yarn!   A perfect way to use up those orphan skeins!  This cowl will match the fingerless mitts I made last month.   The cold temperatures we have been waking up to each morning make the cowl and mitts acceptable wear here lately!


  1. Very pretty knit stuff...I love the "foresty" feel of the cowl.

  2. Pretty--hope you feel better. I think that crane was saying Hey, where's my food?? sharon

  3. That would be an amazing sight just to see that bird outside the window. I wonder what it would be like to see him banging on the window. Does he bang hard enough to possibly break the glass? How neat to see him up close though. :-)

  4. "Repeat till you run out of yarn." I love it!!

    I watched a hawk downtown, fighting with his reflection in the windows of a high-rise office building. Testosterone is not always our friend.

  5. Great advice about real threats versus those in our heads! I need to take notice.

    I'm so sorry you are not well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I did wonder why there was no comment on my long, photo-heavy post from our trip to Sydney (especially written with you in mind) and now I know! God bless.


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