Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Touching Base

 We picked out some fabric for Mom's latest project, a queen size quilt for her bed down here.
 We got it cut out and started putting the blocks together!
 I finished two Brioche stitch dish cloths!  I want to make a  hat from this now!   I certainly have enough wool!
 Bill found a hassock at a thrift store and I covered it with some left over curtain shade fabric so it plays in the family room better than the green and red plaid!
 Cranking along on the second pair of Chroma socks.
We are using this every morning to take out the chill-we are continuing to play with the 33F mornings!  The fire is a good place to start the day.......


  1. Love that blue and white floral fabric. The ottoman is pretty -- and so much more attractive in the room than his pile of chair/pillows etc!

    I am looking forward to my turn to sit in front of your fire...although I might be willing to give up the fire in exchange for sunshine and 80 degree outdoor temperatures. :)

  2. Your socks are so neat! And I can't wait to see the quilt blocks come together. We are have some really outstanding weather in Southeastern Az.

  3. I love the colours of your socks.
    My plan is to learn to knit socks this year!
    I have a stash of sock wool I want to knit through.

  4. Did you shop your stash for that pretty fabric or did you get some retail therapy!

    The fire looks lovely but it's not that cold here -- even if the temperature has dropped from 95+ last week to 80*!

    The brioche stitch looks interesting, can't wait to see the hat you make.

  5. Your mom's quilt is awesome! And the Chroma socks just rock.

    Brioche is excellent for hats. It will be fun to see what you produce.


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