Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting to Get in Motion!

 The Polwarth is a delightful fiber that comes from New Zealand;  a cross breeding of Merino and Lincoln.   I can't wait to knit this into my swatch and see how it lays!  This yarn is next-to-the-skin soft!  I ordered it from and it is naturally this chocolate brown color!  This breed comes in a full range of browns and even white.  I highly recommend adding this fiber to your spinning repertoire!
 I have 306 yards from the 4 ounces I purchased.
 More than enough to get two pairs of fingerless mitts after my binder swatch!
 A very soft skein of fingering weight yarn.........
 I finished my two socks from another Christmas gift-this is Patons Droy Socks FX in the clover colors.   I knit each sock straight from the skein-I didn't try to match because I wanted to use every inch of the yarn and I did!  I interrupted the k2p2 ribbing of the leg with a bit of lace pattern that uses k2p2 also so it was just fun to knit for me as it won't show too much up my pant leg! lol
We are preparing for freezing temps the next two mornings-the chimney is cleaned, the fire started and the cats are congregating!  Smart kitties!


  1. That really is a pretty yarn. Cats are smart. They know where to go to stay warm, lol!

  2. So winter has really hit in Florida, eh?

    It's cool here today. After a couple of weeks with temperatures in the nineties, it's a very cool 70* here now! I'm looking forward to summer returning at the end of the week! Never mind ,a good day for stitching, probably in the form of knitting.

  3. That Brown yarn is lovely...very cool that that's its natural color.

    The socks are very pretty...nothing like putting all of your gifts to use right away! I hope the random stripes don't make you tip over...I will file that away for future reference...don't wait for Christmas shopping until the last two skeins in the colorway I want start at different dye-spots! :)

  4. Lovely spinning and knitting! Hope you stay good and warm!

  5. Your handspun looks great! And, so do your socks. Stay warm! :-)

  6. You know, for fraternal socks, those look really similar and I don't think most people would even notice that they don't match.

    The Polwarth looks beautiful!

    Where did you get the wool fabric? I've looked up here, but it's most difficult to find. The runner looks really pretty.


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