Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Downton Two

 See how funny the hat looks when it is finished being knitted?!
 Then you fold up the brim and you have a very classy hat!
Or two very classy hats!
On to a cowl..........


  1. Very clever! Do you have need of a hat in Florida?

  2. Such pretty hats! ...and I am going to see them in person TODAY! :)

  3. Great! Would you please send me an email and tell what yarn you used. I deled the last one accidently.

  4. Love the color of the yarn for the cowl.

  5. I really like the grey and black one

  6. I like the hat, even though I am not really a hat person. I think I'll put the pattern on the stack for autumn (too many things to knit on the list for now:)...
    though I hope the hats won't be needed for yourself!


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