Saturday, February 22, 2014

Going for the Gold

 I finished knitting the Zuzu's Petals Cowl!  The whole time I was knitting it, I had that sinking feeling that it wasn't going to turn out.  This is a good example of lace knitting needing to be blocked also!  It is pretty hard to see what I have even off the needles!
  The shape is similar to a triangle shawl as you are knitting it from the top down but I made the mistake of knitting it on 16" circulars so I couldn't try it on as I knit it and since it was all bunched on the smaller needles , I wasn't getting a good idea of the size.   I kept the course like any good athlete until I crossed the finish line!  (I even had to knit the last pattern a bunch more times so that I had enough of the brown part of the yarn to make it look good!)
 But against all odds, the cowl turned out beautifully!   I am thrilled with it!
 I am awarding myself the Gold on this one!  I am finished with my Ravelry Olympic knitting!
And so I immediately cast on another project, this one a sweater called the Vodka Gimlet!  Crazy name but a great looking sweater!


  1. Oh that cowl is stunning! Good work.

  2. hm, the first pic looks like a pyramid warmer:) but blocked it looks fabulous! and I do wonder what some designers think of when they name their project - can't see a bit of vodka or cocktail in the design, but never mind, as long as it turns out well:)

  3. Congratulations on a "winning" knit. Can't wait to see the sweater -- the picture was too small for me to see anything (of course, I could use Ravelry, couldn't i?)

  4. Beautiful crowl!!! I love the colors and pattern. The sweater is great. You find the coolest patterns.

  5. Zuzu's petals! I love it! The colors are great and you deserve the gold

  6. Very cute! I don't have the patience for knitting but I certainly am a huge fan and buy from crafters and yarn artists when I'm able! Very nice piece.

  7. I love the colors on the cowl. And congrats on the "Gold."


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