Thursday, July 3, 2014

Almost Tour de Fleece Time!

 I am getting ready for the Tour de Fleece which is the spinners equivalent of the Tour de France!
I have their schedule all ready so I know how much to spin each day-a great way to push yourself to new spinning levels!   This is 4 oz of Targhee/Cotswold from  which I dyed with some of my favorite colors-coral, turquoise and brown.
I also dyed and carded 8 ounces of Rambouillet.  I am ready to go!  Are you going to be spinning with the Tour?!


  1. I sure am!
    I have a box of washed fleece at the foot of the bed so the kitties don't get it during the night and the grandbaby won't get into it tomorrow.
    That Targhee/Cotswold is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it spun.

  2. I'm ready to spin! I'm not with any group but will be pedaling along with alpaca fleece. We'll be getting up at 3:00 am tomorrow to watch the first stage. It's going through the countryside where "Weaver of Grass" lives. I'm so envious!

  3. I'm back -- trying to get through your July posts now!

    Love the colours -- but you know I wont' be spinning!


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