Sunday, July 20, 2014


That was time rushing by......days tend to blur when you are attending doctor's appointments and labs and insurance wrangling.  It is not an easy schedule when you are feeling tip-top let alone a lump of miserable pain!  Needless to say, it's been a tough week!  I feel like this-all washed up!
The only thing slow motion has been my craft production!  I finished the second bobbin of Alpaca at least and so it will be ready to ply.
Long time friends, Tom and Becki came for a visit!  We went to Corky Bells for lunch then back home for a bit of yard review and then inside where it was cooler and more comfortable!
I ripped out all the knitting I had done for clue one and reknit it on bigger needles.  Not only does the shawl feel better-lighter and less dense, it is 5" longer-much better!   Now on to clue two and to catch up on the knitting!

(I am going to post-date this so I can catch up with other subjects, too!)


  1. I'm really sorry about the pain. Chronic pain is so bleak. You feel like a prisoner in your own body. But that shawl is looking so pretty :)

  2. Too bad about having to rip out, but it sounds like you'll be happier with it this way.

  3. Time with friends is a great way to relieve a "blech" week!


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