Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Rest of the Visit!

I tried a game of beads with Will and he got the concept of putting them into one container and then the other but he wanted to eat every other one!  I will try this again in a few months!
 Friends came to visit and he loved playing with the girls!  Bill shared the beloved tractor with them!
 Off they went on an adventure!  Hang on!
Ashley and I made good use of the time and over the last few days we finished piecing all the blocks of her first quilt!  (She has to purchase some more background fabric for all the corner pieces.)  We wanted a place to lay the blocks out and SEE them-the floor didn't work with toddlers and cats around so we rearranged the sewing room.  We made a design wall using a flannel backed table cloth tacked to the newly found wall!  It worked wonderfully!  Ashley did find herself a bit compulsive with the rearranging........she had the final arrangement about ten times!
I moved the knick knack shelves from that wall to the area over my quilting frame.The rest of the clutter has new homes or is tossed.  It was a very exciting project.
When we packed up Ashley's quilt to go home, I put one of my tops that needed finishing up there!
See how inviting the room is now?!


  1. What a fun and useful change!

    Ashley quilt is beautiful!

  2. The room was meant for just such arranging. Good Job! Looking forward to designing on that space next winter. Love, Mom

  3. Bravo on re-vamping the work space. Necessity IS the mother of invention!

  4. Ah yes, I know the feeling well. I have been using a 'design floor' since we moved -- how I miss my hanging flannel-backed tablecloth (I wonder where I got that idea? LOL)


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