Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yard Renovation

 I love the look of red mulch.   With the hacienda look of the front of the house, it is a perfect complement.  Unfortunately, it dries up and disappears and needs replacing every few years!
 This is the year so Bill went and got a truckload of new mulch and we set out to give the front yard some love!  (I mostly watch and supervise!  It works out well, the perfect melding of brain and brawn! lol)
 We ran out of mulch before we were completely finished, but we accomplished enough to see how much better it looks now!
 I am so happy with the transformation!  We will continue the yard work on Thursday!
 Oh, it is so nice to see all the plants stand out now instead of look like scrub.   The mulch holds moisture which sustains the plants in the heat of the day, too.  Function and beauty is a pleasing combination!
Yes, I like the look of new mulch........it is just the right touch!


  1. It looks great! I'm amazed at what a difference mulch can make. Great job! :-)

  2. Mulch is a wonderful thing. Where can you get large amounts up there? We'll have to do our beds soon

  3. the red mulch is lovely! Is it cedar bark or something like that?

  4. We had a truckload of mulch delivered a few months ago -- about 15 cubic metres! It took us ages to move it: we had to rip out weeds and other unwanted plants, then bring in the mulch (we live on a slope) and spread it then moved onto another square metre of ground! But it's all worth it in the end, although it hasn't stopped the weeds returning after the late winter and spring rains.


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