Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach Bunnies

Friday morning the guys got to work putting up the 'ceiling so the deck above didn't leak through to the deck below.   The landlord asked that they not do anything permanent which called for some creative wood work!
 The girls did some creativity on our own!  Ella liked playing with 'mud'!
 After burying the pretty stones, we put her to work on her own so Cassandra could save the Ella prints on her stepping stone!
It turned out well!  The guys got the decks organized, the yard all cleaned up and the projects were done~  (Caleb called later to say that the fiberglass worked so he could grill in the rain and stay dry!)
We took another hike to the beach and saw Ella's bunny from the boardwalk.  She calls him and the turtle each time they walk over to the beach!   It is very cute!
 She knows the way-off she goes down the dunes to her water!
 Grandpa and Ella got slammed by a wave;  she took it in stride!
Bill and Caleb were able to do 50-60' body surf rides on the waves-the water was warm and no undertows to mess with your safety!  It was beautiful.  
I was determined to find a shark tooth!   Caleb finds one within seconds, and then Cassandra does.  I will say in my defense, trying to see a 3/8" little tooth in this kind of beach detritus is hard and complicated by my glasses! 
And against all odds, I found one!  What a thrill!  It is tiny but it is my first shark's tooth !  See me smile!
We packed it up to head for home-Ella had a snack-it is chocolate Nutella.
She does it proud. 
And she did not appreciate my picture interruption!  This is pure Ella here!
 On the way home, I saw this Agave plant in bloom and begged Bill to turn around so I could take its picture!  (on the opposite lane of a four lane highway.....he was mostly patient with my request)
This stalk is about 25' tall!  It is an incredible sight.  It only happens after the plant is 15-20 years old and it will then die.  It is commonly called a century plant people claiming it only bloomed after 100 years but that isn't quite right;  it should be called the suicide plant because after it blooms, the main plant dies!
 But, the plant has been busy reproducing itself at the base,
and it is growing new ones up here, too!  Read the cool article here about them.
Thank you for the sweet visit, dear family!


  1. What a wonderfully rich post! Thanks for sharing.:) Looks like a great visit...and that "pure Ella" picture is a riot!!

  2. The agave plant is too cool for school! You have a wonderful husband.

  3. Thank you for sharing that little sweetie! Sounds like a great time. Love, Mom

  4. The agave plant is something else. I never realized they were that tall. You sure do have a cutie pie there. She must be so much fun.

  5. Sounds like the trip was wonderful and productive.


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