Thursday, July 10, 2014

Projects at Ella's Beach

On the way to Fernandina Beach and family, I decided to give a try on a pair of socks with some thinking attached!  I do like to travel with my plain socks but the mood struck.  So did the mindless part because these have a cable and to do a cable easily in the truck needs a cable needle!  I knit as far as I could until the cable part!
The guys moved everything from the upper and lower decks so they could power wash them before their building project.
 Let the work begin~
 The wood was untreated and it had dried out so much there were slivers galore.   The side on the right is the before picture.
 This was taken with high humidity outside and it is funny that it was evident in the picture!
Even the lizards liked the new color!
 In the evening when it was cooler out, we took a beach walk.  Ella was ready for some daddy attention after he worked for 6 hours on the decks!
And some silly time with Grandpa!
We stood with our feet in the warm water for quite a was a great way to end our day.

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  1. I spent three days at the beach last week - coming out of winter the ocean was far from warm!

    Looks like everyone there was having fun!

    Our deck, like our new garden, has not been looked after so there are many tasks ahead for WM when he starts annual leave next week!


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