Monday, July 28, 2014

Things to Do

 Bill brought me this 'I love you and you need a hug' bouquet!  It worked!
 I am loving the Mystery Shawl project.   It is moving right along and now I am working to decrease to the other end!
 Someone is wishing he could figure out the e-spinner if we would just turn the other way....

I have made skeins of yarn with my niddy noddy (left photo)for years but the motion is killing me!  I just invested in the new skein winder on the right-I just attach the yarn from my espinner bobbin and rotate the wheel and 'Voila!' , I have a skein.  Much easier on the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders!


  1. Ooooh....that winder is divine!!!

  2. flowers are always a nice pick-me-up! and I think you did well do get another winder - I have no problems with my arms, but after a long session with the niddy-noddy I do get a pain in my arm, too! looking forward to the finished shawl:)

  3. Oh, those high-tech machines of yours! You'll have a spinning jenny any day now. Then the Luddites will throw their wooden shoes into the machine. Sabot-tage.


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