Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Think I Can....I Think I Can't!

 I can cut out 40 wedges and sew them together again.
 I can cut out snowflake appliques.
 I can quilt the whole shebang after machine appliqueing all those snowflakes!
 I can even get it under the tree because I remembered to leave one side unsewn so I can put it under the tree last without having to pick it up each time!
 Yes, I can cut and sew and piece.
 I can finish old quilt blocks and have a wonderful top ready for the frame!
 I can cut out layer cakes and turn them into intricate new blocks!
 But I cannot knit anymore!  My ta-da moment turned to incredulity when without a doubt one sleeve is smaller then the other!  No amount of blocking or crying will change things.
 I was happily knitting on the second boot topper and happened to try on the first one.  It fell right off my leg.  So I not only have to rip them both out I have to try to play with gauge to get the pattern repeat to work out.......
 I was so happy with this hat-all knit one, purl one and the colors pooled just right on top of each other so it was very pretty.
Unfortunately I can't get my knitting to come out the size I want-this is way too small.  I will rip out, add stitches around and in length.
Plus I have Marsel's shawl still in the naughty bucket waiting for a pair of good eyes to rip out and pick up all those boucle stitches.......I am going to go and knit on a sock.  I can knit socks!  (I hope.)

I am thinking I need to change my knitting in the evening time.   I am knitting when I see the worst, my hands are tired and my brain is definitely compromised.   But I have been knitting in the evenings for decades.  Maybe I need to change my knitting to all socks or sock weight shawls.


  1. Well, rats!! All that work just to frog it. And boucle, too? You are a braver woman than I am.

    Still, that tree skirt is beautiful! Almost makes me want to get a tree. Almost, I said. ;)

  2. If at first you don't succeed, TRY TRY again! Your Dad is always happy to see me rip out because he says it saves him money for me to use it twice. Love, Mom

  3. yes, I agree with Benita, the tree skirt is very nice! and I can assure you that you're not the only one with knitting problems! I started a lace advent kal - and after a lot of work on the first evening (I won't have 3 hours each day before christmas!) I accidentally pulled out half the needle and all the yo's and k-tog went down like a ladder:( 10 rows tinking already and no end in sight - with extremely fine lace yarn and an iffy pattern = I so feel with you right now! and yes, I've done the sleeve thing before as well:) I put the kal aside, no time really - but I'll collect the pattern each day and will knit it - some other day:) and if it's any consolation: you still patch and quilt much faster than I ever will:)

  4. Wow....I feel your pain. I am having the same issue with the loom. Nothing is turning out with my latest project. Math is not my thing. I knit challenging projects in the morning when I am fresh. Only mindless stuff gets on the couch with me at night.
    The quilting is spectacular though. That tree skirt is brilliant.

  5. Oh no! Especially distressing when knitting is your go-to activity when you need to rest! So frustrating! I'm sure it's just a phase and all will be well very soon. And you could thnk about it the way the poor student did: she had just enough money to buy yarn and needles to knit a sweater. When she finished it, she ripped it all out and knitted another sweater because she couldn't afford more yarn and it was the process that mattered!

    Lovely sewing projects - you grandmother would be so pleased at what you've done with those blocks. I need to make a tree skirt but the fabric I've chosen is not appropriate!

  6. Remember Scarlett o'Hara-- I'll think about it tomorrow

  7. Now wait... so one of the arms is smaller. That's ok, it gives it a wabi sabi feel, right? Ok, maybe not. I would work on the socks and shawls at night. That sounds like a good idea.

  8. The tree shirt turned out gorgeous! Its "mood" and its size are perfect with your pretty new tree.

    So sorry other projects are misbehaving...Sending a hug. Xo

  9. The tree shirt turned out gorgeous! Its "mood" and its size are perfect with your pretty new tree.

    So sorry other projects are misbehaving...Sending a hug. Xo

  10. Tree skirt, not tree shirt. Sigh!


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