Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Day!

 M & M's are always a welcome treat but especially when they are in a fun dish-
 a Snowman dish!   This is just a knitted cuff over a globe dish!   (
 Matthew, Ashley and Will stopped by for a visit.....
 Because today is my birthday and my sons treated me to the latest Hobbit movie at a theater ...together!  The daughters gifted me by keeping the babies home and giving up their Saturday!
When the boys were boys, we used to go to each new showing of Lord of the Rings.  We haven't made it to one Hobbit movie together but this time it was a hit!  A homerun.......just wonderful to share it with them!  I am ready now for a LOTR marathon on tv!
 Once we got home (we went to an early show) we had birthday presents and then a Christmas party!
 The kids got into the gift thing much better this year!
 Will knew just what to do after his birthday last week!
 Caleb got the job of putting Ella's princess castle together.....I will get a picture of her playing with it later.
 Will was patiently waiting for Dad to undo all the anti-theft wrapping......
 so he could get his hands on the helicopter set!
 After a delicious dinner, we had my favorite birthday cake-angel food with strawberries and Cool Whip!  So nice to hold the babies, too!
Can I mention it was an utterly perfect day!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun! That snowman cuff on the dish is adorable! Great idea!

  2. Wishing you many many more wonderful birthdays! Was the "Hobbitt" movie as good as the others? I'll wait until it hits the Blu-Ray and buy it to watch at home!

  3. Happy birthday! I've got fond memories of seeing the LOTR movies each Christmas also. They always came out on either my son's or my birthday. The Mister just gave me The Hobbit 2 on DVD for my birthday but it's not the same as seeing it with the kids. Lucky, lucky you!!!!!

  4. So glad they could be there to help you celebrate!

    I still chuckle at the sight of shorts being worn for your birthday/Christmas celebration...ah, Florida! :)

  5. What a great birthday!! I can't wait to see the Hobbit movie - probably after the first of the year.

    Here's to a great year for you!

  6. Great birthday! That must have been nice to go to the movies with your boys

  7. you can see that it's getting close to christmas - I've not looked at blogs for days:( and missed your big day! it looks like you've had a lovely day, esp. with all the visitors! and a lotr session on tv sounds good - I think I should dig out our dvds... I tried to get the dvd of the second hobbitt film yesterday, but only found blu-ray:( anyway, belated "happy birthday" - and a good year to come for you and your family!


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