Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Grand Finales!

 Here is most of us gathered around the table!
 In the afternoon, the guys helped me build the new fire pit.
 We gathered chairs and David cut us bamboo sticks and we had a marshmallow roast!
It was a wonderful way to close out the day!
 The kids enjoyed seeing the moon-it looks just like the story book drawings-you could see the 'nose'  so easily!

No, these are not fireflies!   The guys set off some fireworks!
It was a wonderful way to say goodnight!
 Friday morning, the kids got some driving lessons!   Will figured out how to press the go pedal .
Ella like having her own personal pedal pusher along side of her!
 She did excel at tree decorating which we did in the afternoon!
 She admired each ornament before choosing her spot.
 She even showed them to Puff and told him, "Pretty!"
 Happy house.........
Puff approves and takes his first nap under the tree.
 Saturday was a bit of a flurry as we all had to get ready to leave for a baby shower for Cassandra two hours away in Lake City!  All of the company was leaving for home afterwards so they really had a ton to do to get ready but we did it!
 Marsel got in a lot of Aunt time with the two cousins.
 We enjoyed a craft time instead of shower games-see me smile!  (I am allergic to shower games!)
 Cassandra loved the quilt......and I can't wait to hold the new baby in it!
 Ella and Will were not overy impressed with the oo-ing and oh-ing!
 Marsel showed Will how to spin himself!
A good time was had by all!    But the goodbyes that followed was not warm in my heart....


  1. Yay you got your firepit! I know, saying goodbye is not fun at all.

  2. The goodbyes were excruciating...thank you for this photo memory-lane to remind us just how much our together-time was worth the goodbyes!

  3. And so you cleaned and crafted and wore yourself out... I hope not! Goodbyes are hard to take but I know you throw yourself into your activities and keep busy to alleviate the pain.

    It seems like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fun baby shower. I too, am allergic to shower games! LOL

  4. My sister just made those snowmen thingys! Her new tradition is that she does a Christmas craft with the family after Thanksgiving dinner and that is what they made. They are so cute. While the family is all together she also takes her family Christmas card photo. I have to admire her organization. At my house it's eat and nap.
    I love your firepit. The Mister and I haven't used ours in ages but I have to say the wood stove is getting a workout with this early cold.

  5. What a great Thanksgiving weekend you had.

    I'm allergic to shower games, too. I really hate them.

    Seeing the little ones growing up so fast - wow!

  6. Had a great weekend! Thanks for all the pics. Love, The C's


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