Friday, December 26, 2014

Imagine That...

I haven't been blogging because I haven't a camera.   My camera croaked!  It takes pictures but the pictures look like they are in the middle of a dust storm...
I have been taking a few pictures with an old camera and then I couldn't find a USB cord to fit the camera so I could download the pictures!  So I have used my phone but that is not a smart phone and the photo capabilities are miniscule!  What a minor problem in the scope of things, right?  Enough fussing.    (I have the opinion that a blog post without a picture is a terrible thing  :O  so I have waited to post to this blog until I could produce a few pictures!)

 This is the promised picture of Ella with her 'castle' for Christmas.  She is so cute while playing!
 I received my own 'princess' video!   I saw this presentation of Cinderella when a child and this year the DVD was re-released for the 50th anniversary of the Rodgers and Hammerstein version for CBS...I love to knit and sing to this and now can watch it with Abigail when she comes here, too!  (It has been our tradition to knit and watch it at her house but now we get to have it in both places!  Yippee!)
 The Calliandra is in bloom!  Caleb missed seeing it by a few days because it waited until the 25th to bloom;  he loves this plant and I completely understand why!
 Isn't it so pretty?!   The bloom is about 4" across to give you an idea of size.
 I had a little problem with my sock knitting.   My  nieces wanted a pair of sports colored socks and I almost made the deadline but instead I did something I have never done before.....I trimmed the tail after burying the end for my ta-da moment but I cut the knitting instead.  A.big.hole.resulted.
Have I mentioned I am having vision trouble?!  I am having blurry vision and also depth problems.  I will not cut another yarn tail unless it is magnified by my new lamp.  I never want to do this again!   I had to undo 4" of ribbing and reknit it.  Misery.
 But I did what I had to do to get the socks made!  One pair for high school team colors ....
and another for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Ugh.  I pretended it wasn't for sports teams! lol
I knit another pair of boot toppers for a reward!  These knit up quickly with number 9 needles and chunky wool yarn!


  1. Now that was a post worth waiting for-so much drama but with a happy ending!

  2. I miss it when you don't post -- glad to catch up on your projects and such!

  3. Ella is very cute, the calliandra bloom is very pretty and, if you hadn't said anything, this ignorant Aussie wouldn't have known they were sports socks! As part of our school uniforms here, students have to wear sports socks -- they are commercially made, thick cotton, cushioned soled, white socks with a thin band of one or two colours around the top --usually red and/or blue!


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