Sunday, December 7, 2014

Savoring a Saturday

 I  have had this hooked rug circle done for years but never put it on a stool as planned.
 I found a little wooden stool at JoAnn's on my last visit and stapled the panel to it after padding the stool top!  I did sew a 4" I can't wait to use it at church this morning!
 The blocks are now sewn together and I even got the border cut and attached, too.
 The flower basket quilt is on the frame and waiting for some quilted feathers to be applied.  I do not yet know the design for the solid plain blocks but I am thinking a circle of feathers will be the right accent.   The basket blocks will just have outlines and grid lines like on old quilts.
 I covered a Boppy pillow for Cassandra.
 I made two pillowcases of flannel from the stash.
 And worked on making some Christmas colored glass.
I had fun working out different layers for these.   I will enjoy wearing them this month!

It is good to spend time in the sewing room.  Especially since the next three Saturdays will be spent in birthday celebrations and away from home!


  1. The hooked pad is just lovely! And the quilts are super. Great job! I'm still struggling with the rug hooking. I need to find someone to work with me. Not that many interested in rug hooking in my area. The glass work is very interesting. How's the pottery wheel spinning?

  2. Wow! I can't believe your output! Amazing!

  3. That stool is just precious.
    My grandson still loves his Boppy at two. I never thought of covering it. Hmmm....

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  5. The stool turned out great! So nice to see it in a useful does feel good to check projects off of the UFO list, doesn't it?! The stool reminds me of your mom's little round stool that I loved to sit on as a kid. :)

    Nice progress report!

  6. Love that little rug hooked stool! Hey that's another good idea... haven't done rug hooking in a while :)

  7. Look at that cute little lambie pillow case!!!

    I need a stool like that when I have to sit in my boss' office. His chairs are too tall for me and my feet don't touch the ground.


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