Friday, February 20, 2015

Treasures of Time

 Since we had a very hard freeze last night-24*F we had to bring in a few plants-my King Orchid was on the top of the list!  It looks so well in the diningroom, I will leave it there for a while!
 I finished a quick knit with two strands of worsted held together on # 15 needles-it is a diagonal scarf (k2tog, k1p1 to the last stitch and k1,m1, on the return row just k the purls and purl the knits.  Repeat until you almost run out of yarn, sew the ends together !)
 I used two partial skeins to make it so it was very satisfying!  I like it wrapped like a hug around my neck!
 Oh, are we having fun with this guy!  He is laying in front of the fireplace to have some good stretch and grow time!  (3 weeks old)
 Look who learned how to spin!
 It didn't take her long to get the feel and the rhythm.  She said treadling was so easy because she has been driving mine her whole life!  The hand coordination took a bit but not long!  
 Marsel says she wants perfect yarn but did agree that almost perfect was a more reasonable goal!  It was such a thrill to see her do this as I have asked her if she wanted to learn for YEARS!  The time was just right-she is taking this wheel home (it is my first wheel, a 1981 purchase of this used 1970's wheel) to live with her this return trip.  I am ready to downsize on my number of wheels and so it is a happy thing so see it go to her now.
 Ella had fun making things with Playdoh while watching Frozen for some down time after dinner and bath.   She is so engaging.  She has decided to own her Aunt Marsel and doesn't like sharing her with David and Abigail-so funny!
But...she does love owning them, too!   Cousin fun is so neat to watch!


  1. That's great... hope your daughter enjoys spinning. I've been saving my wheel for one of mine.

  2. nice to see one of the kids picking up the spinning virus:) and I can't believe that it's warmer here than with you! we haven't had any frost in a while, though the days aren't exactly warm either! I hope it didn't do too much damage to your outside plants - how are bananas etc. surviving the frost?

  3. What a handsome little guy! Congrats on the new spinner conversion. You must be so proud!

  4. I am savoring every one of our together-minutes and am thrilled to have another week still ahead of us!!!


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