Thursday, May 21, 2015

Painting and Waiting

We began the day painting in the dungeon basement with primer which was applied to both of the outer walls which are concrete.  Then we had to wait 4 hours before adding the color coat. 
While we had to wait, Marsel did administrative work for her HOA while I got to play with the kids!  We picked out our fabrics and got to work. 
We did it!  The little pouch is finished in just a little bit of time! 
The zipper installation is a breeze;  even a kid could do it!
David enjoys a very good sew, too.  He says he is going to keep stones for his sling shot in his! 
Yup, it turned out great!  
The pattern is  here.
There is a ton of potential for this pattern and you will see it in my future!  
It sure was wonderful to play with the kids!
Here is a glimpse of the basement....
Just wait for the final unveiling....soon now!


  1. That's a great project. Boys love to sew. When I was a teacher we had to do a class quilting project for a school auction and it was the boys in my class that couldn't wait to spend their recess with needles and thread. They were so proud of the final little quilt. I still have it.

  2. Boys do love to sew. Even our tough guy made a stuffed animal for his grandmother in a home ec class. What are you planning to do with your basement?

  3. Wow! The grands did a great job on their pouches.

  4. Geezem= I'm afraid of zippers, and you've made them easy enough for a child to do!


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