Thursday, October 8, 2015


We have been a bit busy and distracted by a ton of doctor appointments;  more on that on another post.
This morning we didn't have to go anywhere so I headed into the studio for  a sewing fix!
I put the borders on the sunny yellow quilt! 
As soon as I finished with the sewing and pressing, I loaded it onto the frame and quilted a row to anchor it.  I had a good morning. 
I am a bit late for me but I got out all the Fall decorations and enjoyed setting out some of the old favorites I only see for a short number of days. 
The UPS man brought me a nice little package;  a new small tumbler die from Accuquilt and a charm pack of 5" blocks of fabric I will use with the die to make another small quilt! 
I doubled the size of the first hat and then because I had to go out, Bill drove me to get my new eyeglasses and I knit on the way. 
Tonight on the way to church, I grabbed a cake of Alpaca yarn that I spun several years ago and cast on for a cabled hat.  The pattern is easy to do without a chart, the needle is a 7 and the yarn is a worsted.  It moves quickly and I needed a satisfying knit-this filled the order for me!
I will be busy the next few days again but I just might be able to fit a bit of knitting on this into the schedule!


  1. No idle hands! Love that yellow quilt. I can't wait to see what you do with those charm squares. I love them and have quite a collection gathering little time.

  2. Oooo the Accuquilt stuff... I'm intrigued

  3. Lots of fall colors appearing at your house, and not just in the decor -- in your textiles, too! :)


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