Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oh, Boy....

In between tests to find out what is wrong with Bill's foot  on Monday, we spent an hour on the beach.  The wind was strong, the waves magnificent and a very therapeutic place to sit. 
I was able to offer support and company in between times and when I sat in the waiting rooms I knitted. 
I tied off the few remaining stitches this morning and wove in my ends.
The hat is washed and blocked and waiting for its fit on the model head.
This is worsted weight yarn which I dyed in Indigo last year. 
And so I don't have empty needles, I worked on swatching my new yarn for a new vest project!
Do you swatch?  I do when I am using a yarn that is different than the one the pattern is written for or when I use a yarn for the first time and are unfamiliar with the results I will get working with it.
This vest meets all three criteria~
All my energy and excitement of the other day has dried up.
I feel like a raisin left on the vine too long..........


  1. Hope all will be well with Bill's foot and that you find some renewed energy.


  2. Me too. I crashed and burned today myself. Migraine. Ugh....love the hat and yes, I do swatch. I love swatching. I swatch all my handspun just because it's there and I want to play with it.
    Feel better!

  3. I'm glad that Bill has you for company and support. I love the hat and the color you dyed the yarn! I do not swatch. I think that if I used the wrong weight yarn I would. I'm just so impatient and reckless. hehe. Rogue Knitter! But perhaps I should try and change my ways...

  4. Prayers the tests reveal answers! Love the hat.


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