Thursday, December 3, 2015

Log Cabin Stockings!

The blessing of three new grandchildren this year (well, one is just days weeks away) is the responsibility of making Christmas stockings to hang by the fireplace with the rest of the family!
I begin with an embroidered pentagon and then just randomly add strips around it log cabin style.
When I fill the top area, I move to the foot always using a solid for the toe and heel. 
Once I cover the tricot pattern underneath, I trim all the edges and then I use all those fancy stitches on my machine to add the look of hand embroidery!

The next stage would be to embroider the name on the lining, sew it together and turn the cuff down so the name shows.  


When we got the new computer because a nasty virus/worm ate our old one, the new system (Windows 10) no longer can support the OLD program which my embroidery software is.
New software is very expensive.  Out of my budget expensive.  I have two choices, or maybe three but I will wait for that;  I am now looking for an old laptop that will run my old software.
I have all the old code and the dongle to match if only I can get an old one running!
Time is of the essence and I will keep you posted as to the conclusion to this dilemma!


  1. Arrrghhhh......we just got RID of a laptop that would have worked for that. Wish I had known then. Would have been glad to let you have it.

    The stockings look great. Hope you are able to find a laptop .....maybe try the Goodwill? That is where I took my old one after cleaning off all the personal info.

  2. Oh, no....I feel your pain. My laptop died too and I lost a lot of important programs when I switched to this cheap Chromebook. The stockings look great though. My daughter in law who is from China doesn't quite get the idea of Christmas so I haven't done the stocking thing for the new grandsons even though I bought the materials a while back. I have to admit it's funny seeing her try to "do" a holiday when she really has no idea what's what. She's a real sweetie so I bite my tongue and just enjoy the celebration she puts on every year. As long as there is food and family nothing else really matters.

  3. Those StOCKINGs are the bees knees lady!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I am getting excited about how they are coming along!

  4. Beautiful fabrics for your stocking. Congratulations on new grandbabies.


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