Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Wear

BFL fiber, hand spun and dyed fraternal socks.
They are like walking on clouds!
I had forgotten how soft and silky this fiber is to the touch.
The socks are great to wear WITH the flip flops....not so  WITHOUT them;  it feels like a major case of toe jam.  It's ok.   I made them for this specialized need and they are a huge success in my book!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You! It is fun to set a bar for yourself and jump it!

  2. They are perfect!
    I get looks for wearing my handspun socks with my Crocs all winter. I'd love to see the looks if I showed up in those. Until you've worn them, you won't know how warm and comfy they are on a cold day. Their loss, our gain!

  3. Just remember... AT HOME ONLY!!! I do not want to see you on "people of Walmart"!

  4. Love your fraternal flip flop socks. The colors are lovely. Regardless, I'm glad they are comfortable and serving you a cozy purpose:)


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