Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Blanked Socks!

So this is what that zig zag sock blank knit up! 
It was a complete surprise but a pleasant one.  
Kinda makes you want to do another so you can see what happens if......

Stats:  KnitPicks Bare Sock Blank
Num 2 needles
64 stitches-Men's socks
toe-up socks


  1. That is really fun. Do another one so we can watch the magic happen! 😊

  2. I think knitting the painted blanks is always a surprise - unless it's a gradient in one colour you just never know what you'll get! part of the fun for me - and if I really hate it using a 2nd colour might change it all for the better...

  3. I think it's great! I like the "surprise sock" from a blanket concept. Oh really I like socks no matter what. Very pretty :)

  4. Fun! Not matter what I paint on a blank I always get striped socks. Weird.


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