Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I added the last of the whole tiles to the chimney face.  I started working very early because it was a steamy 97 feel like temp already!
Bill will help me cut the partial tiles early this week! 
Since I was on a 'mosaic' mode, I pulled out a treasure of a plate to use on another stepping stone.  This is from my Mom, it was the only one left of I believe my great grandmother's and she gave it to me to use!   
Here is a pic of the back for anyone interested. 
I put it in a baggie and did some gentle and specific breaks and then laid it out on the stone.
I added some other old pieces and voila!  I will have to let it dry for 24 hours then I can add the grout. 
I moved into the studio for some sewing and added the sashing to the butterfly blocks.
Ahh, sometimes sashing really sets off a design!
It still needs just the right border fabric.... 
I have quite a few quilt tops backed up on the quilting frame pile....I took forever to decide what to do with the hexagon quilt and the first thing I tried turned into a complete bust.
Ripping out is not a ton of fun but I had to knuckle down and do it.
I am having a terrible time with my vision and this really tested my coordination.
I would work on it and then take a break, work some more, etc until it was all done. 
I'm so glad I did because the new work with new thread and a better idea was much happier.
Now to work out the central design....


  1. The butterfly quilt top is SO pretty. What a nice assortment of colors.

    I can't believe you smashed that beautiful plate. LOL On the other hand, the tile is going to be very pretty too.

  2. Wow, lots of beautiful successes! The chimney is amazing!

  3. I Love the tiles from the special plate

  4. The mosaic is so cool! I would love to learn how to do that

  5. That border quilting is gorgeous as is the mosaic work. I really want to try that one day.


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