Friday, July 8, 2016

Just One Bite...

I joined in on the "9 inch circular needle craze" and can now 
cross THAT off my list!
I know that it really takes two weeks to learn a new way of doing something but I feel at my age, I don't want to waste two weeks doing something that hurts, feels wrong and is 
My fingers fly with the magic loop method and I was glad to welcome back the tried and true for me!

Just one bite might be a good advice for a picky eater child but having been one, I wasn't impressed with the advice then 
or now!
Tried it, didn't like it.

Anyone interested  in trying this 9'"metal Hiya Hiya needle, leave a message or email me and I will mail it right out.

The only caveat I attach is that if you don't like it, pass it on to someone else also.
If you love it--blog it and let me know!



  1. oh no, I can't stand these shorties either:( I prefer to be old-fashioned with dpn or use two circulars - I don't even like the magic loop much. dinosaur - that's me:) back to knitting with broomsticks (aka 6 mm circs for ribbon yarn) - but I really prefer to use smaller needles, even though it takes a bit longer.....

  2. I tried it too and it way too fiddly for me. I love magic loop and even double points are easier than those little things.

  3. I agree with Araignee and you ---- too fiddly and not worth the effort when I have a system that already works.

    Maybe people with younger hands would find it okay. Hope you find a taker for your needle. Is it possible you could return it to the store and get something you like?


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