Friday, July 15, 2016

TDF Day 15

I have slowed down on my wrists * have been sore;  my whole body is in a bit of a slump but I am still spinning , just not for long periods of time for now.
These are bobbins of Cormo wool, oh, so soft, and dyed in long repeats.
The four ounces of roving produced 343 yards of two ply sport weight yarn.
I am thinking this will be a hat.
I am still ahead of my goal for 'mileage' so even with the slow down, I am encouraged.

*MS is notorious for slamming you to the ground for the count and it is doing its best right now to shut me down.  There will be better days.......


  1. That yarn reminds me of one of your earliest pairs of socks, done in the blue and black self-striping yarn -- remember those?! Hope your body calms down soon... <3

  2. it looks as if you're still pretty busy though! I am spinning black merino - which is extremely boring, but needed for a hat (luckily I won't have to spin all 500 g for that in one go...)! the good side about the yucky weather is that I don't have to have a bad conscience about too much knitting and spinning:) I started on the new pattern by Lucy Hague, Uncia, from the book about haps - could do it all day long, because the pattern is intricate and interesting to knit - but unfortunately noone else wants to take over the housework for me:)

  3. Sounds like you need a slow day today. Hope you are feeling better.

    Your spun skein is beautiful. It looks like our weather while we were in Jacksonville -- blue skies with some very charcoal-ly clouds and storms.

  4. That is absolutely beautiful yarn. It looks so soft and squishy. What an awesome hat it will make. Take it easy on yourself. I'm way behind my schedule and I haven't got your excuse. :)

  5. You're doing way better than me and I've got no excuse. I'm pretty sore right now too. Every morning I feel like I can't move my arms. I keep telling myself it's good exercise but my body is telling me otherwise.


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