Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tour de Fleece 2016

I am spinning for the Tour de Fleece 2016-the spinning event where spinners spin while the race of the Tour de France takes place.  You compete with others on Ravelry and generally push yourself to do more and try new fibers, etc.
I started out strong by spinning off and on all day-this is 9.2 oz of Florida Gulf Native sheep roving.
This is the roving I dyed with the prickly pear cactus fruit.
Next for the race will be plying these singles to make my 2ply yarn.
I will begin this tomorrow afternoon after church.
We will see then how many yards I have spun!
The last few days produced these three starflower dish cloths. 
I also sewed a pile of half square triangles.  60 to be precise. 
And these are the two blocks I finished.  (blue ones) 
This is Nyki sleeping on my bed-she was very comfortable I'd say!
The click of the camera woke her up just enough to see her eyes!  lol


  1. Nice textiles! And an adorable picture of Nyki, especially considering how resistant she usually is to being photographed!

  2. You are off to an amazing start! I got very little accomplished other than feeling very put out for not being able to get anything going.

  3. Go Team Dye-Anna is right!!! And go, Cindy. I love the prickly pear dye color. I love it when cats recharge their solar batteries like that.


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