Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interruptions in Life

 I've managed to knit a bit on the Gladys sock-I did turn the heel at least!
(Little  Tornado has been sick and the whole house has been turned on its head!
We do not sleep at night and since my 8  hours  recharge is absolutely necessary to then make it through the day, it has been rough for both of us!)
 I went to quilting for a few hours on Monday and managed to piece this lap robe top.  It is made of men's suiting samples! 
 It has such a great woolen smell when pressing it!
 I organized all the squares and have enough for three more lap robes. 
 I have to wait to finish these because I back them with polar fleece instead of batting and backing. 
 I will get to the store to purchase some yardage next week I hope!
 This water iris is so pretty-it is in the pool area.
 Right outside of the patio is a rain lily.  It is pretty tangled through all the year but when the May (late this year) rains hit, the flowers are stunning
 AND they smell delicious!
 There are tons of blooms on one stalk so it is a real show-stopper!
 The mandavilla is doing its thing-bloom after bloom in this bright red!
And the ground orchids are all in bloom-these little blooms are so intricate 
and delicate looking but stand up to drought or heavy rains both. 
 A real survivor!
I might be blurry-eyed but I can still see the beauty around me!


  1. Ahhh, those flowers are just gorgeous! Wish I could smell them, too! The water lily especially made me "ooh" and "ahh." Sorry about sickness in the house and the ensuing lack of rest... :(

  2. What gorgeous blooms - so colorful. I hope Little Tornado feels fells soon.

    Gladys is beautiful with all that texture and stitch definition. You selected the perfect yarn to show off the pattern.

    1. Autocorrect strikes again. I hope Little Tornado feels better soon.

  3. Hope the little one (and you!) can get some rest.

    A quilt of suiting will be soooo warm! I want to make a flannel quilt. There's a store here that always has men's pj bottoms on for $5 a pair (way cheaper than the per-metre price of flannel)so I've been collecting.

    Your flowers are lovely... not sure which I like best, but it may be that iris.

  4. Hope Little Tornado is feeling better soon.

    We had a pot of those orchids. They are indestructible.

  5. Hope the little one is feeling better and you are both getting rest. The flowers are is your sock.

  6. Oh, no....sick little ones are no fun and do put a crimp in your day. I hope all is back to normal soon.

  7. Little tornado needs to get well fast! They bounce back so quickly. That's one good thing. Gorgeous flowers you've shared today! NOthing like them here

  8. Hope you are all well soon and rested I might add. Beautiful flowers!


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