Monday, June 19, 2017

Off the Needles

 I finished the washcloth in time to tie it to the baby gift!
 The masterpiece of a sock, Gladys, is off the needles and its mate is cast on!
 It is really a great marriage of color and texture!
 Over the weekend, we discovered a tortoise and the boys ran with him down the lane next to our house!
Later we picked blackberries;  the rains in their seasons are bringing in a good crop!


  1. I love the washcloth bow!!!!!! So so cute. Your sock is so intricate and lovely!!!! and running with a turtle..that's adorable

  2. That's a cute way to dress up a package!
    Gladys is lovely
    You have some very lucky boys - so much adventure!

  3. That package is adorable. Looks SO sweet.

    Your Gladys sock is beautiful. I'm so looking forward to casting on mine, but really need to finish some other on the needle things first.

  4. Gladys is seriously gorgeous! You did a superb job of knitting.

    The pretty washcloth is a nice embellishment for the gift - a sweet treat for the new mom.

  5. That sock is a masterpiece! That is such a cute idea for the washcloth. You can do that for lots of occasions...hmmm. You've got me thinking.

  6. What a pretty package - so clever!! And, a Gorgeous sock. Kids running with a tortoise - that got me chuckling out loud.

  7. Wow, that sock is a work of art! The washcloth as a bow is a fun idea for a gift -- I'll have to remember that. Running with a tortoise sounds like a good speed for me!

  8. That is a masterpiece! So intricate and beautiful. How fun to find a tortoise. I want one too!


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