Saturday, June 10, 2017

Quilt Assembly Line!

 I loaded the little tumbler and did a very easy open design along the seams
 I had it off the frame in no time and even got the binding on for a bright finish!
 Then it was time to load on the wild star quilt!  I finally had the backing and batting purchased from the Daytona trip last week so I could load it up.  I must've checked that the backing was on right a half dozen times! lol
The quilting on this is very free making sun rays come off the central circle!
Easy swoops and circles along the sashing.
 Since the frame was well on its way, I pulled out the pile of men's suiting samples I 'inherited' ages ago and no matter how many I use up, there are still that many more to use!!!  I separated the squares into smooth and textured and then started putting them up on the design wall so I could sew them up.  I will keep them in the larger lap-sized range.  
 I like to back these with polar fleece instead of the traditional batting and backing because it reduces the shrinkage variations when washed.  The previous one I made washed well.  Nice to have a choice of projects in the sewing room!


  1. Completed projects are such happy things! That rainbow star quilt is the epitome of eye candy. Gorgeous!!

  2. You've been busy with all these projects in the works. The rays look fabulous on the stars. My Mom made quilts from men's suits, too.

    How long have you been longarming?

  3. You were very productive this morning! The quilts are all looking good.

    Inspired by you, I bought yarn to make Gladys. I found a nice grey cashmere blend yarn. So, look for a cast on in early July. LOL

  4. really are on a roll! I wish my machine quilting was better than it is because it really looks amazing.

  5. They are so wonderful. Hooray for you getting so much done!

  6. All of you who sew have my admiration! ! I love the bottom darker quilt!!!! Fleece lined sounds lovely


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