Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This little quilt is off the frame and even has the binding finished!
It is such a sweet little quilt!
 It almost quilted itself 
and I love it when I know just what to stitch on it to hold it all together!
 Monday, during quilting group (it is definitely as healthy as a mental health visit!)
I pieced the smaller tumbler blocks; 
 it needs the sides to be trimmed straight 
but I already have the backing picked out for this
 so it should be on the frame in the next day or so!


  1. How sweet is that? Love all the little kitties. The tumbler one is going to also be beautiful.

  2. Well done. The pink border and grey binding add the perfect finish.

    It is fun to sew or knit with others. I'm glad you have a fun group in your area.

  3. I love little quilts. They are both so cute!

  4. The little kitty face on the top row of the first quilt makes me think of Lena!

  5. The quilting complements the kitty quilt perfectly! Fun to have the tumbler quilt coming close behind on the production line. :)


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