Wednesday, June 7, 2017


 I know, I had never heard of such a thing either but these little hand muffs are for Alzheimer's patients to slip their hand in and let the other hand twiddle with the doodads attached to the outside.
 A blog friend recently lost her mother to this disease and she asked for anyone interested (or having a loved one suffer with this malady) to donate a mitt.
I wanted to supply one for her collection and then I will be making several for  local nursing homes to supply them for their patients.
Kathy B-it is on its way to you!

*It is self-lined and knit in chunky weight yarn.


  1. Nice job! These are a lot of fun to make, aren't they?

  2. That color combo is very engaging too. You did a wonderful job on the twiddle mitt.

  3. They were fun to make, weren't they!

  4. These are great, big well done to you :)

  5. So beautiful. Thank you for supporting my efforts and remembering my mom! I love the colors and the twiddle tags you added. let me know if you make more for your local nursing home and I'll add them to my Honey's hundred tally. You inspired me !

  6. Love the mitts, you did a fabulous job. Kathy B is going ot be thrilled!


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