Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Walk in the Yard

 Ahhh, the sweet Viburnum are blooming!  The whole yard is fragrant with the almost honeysuckle-like aroma!
 We have several trees along the south side of the house in the hedge and so their aroma wafts over both front and back yards.  Delightful!  (It almost makes up for not having lilacs....almost.)
 The Pagoda plants are aroma but at four feet tall, they make a different kind of statement!
 There are a million little flowers on each plant!
We have a few Crepe Myrtles blooming but our few bushes lack something to rate showy. 
 I think this is the problem and they need a good fungicide to rid them of the lichen attack.  If I had the patience, I would pick the branches clean and have enough lichen to dye some wool!
 Our Cana lilies are doing their thing-we have yellow and orange.  The reds are dwarf varieties purchased in error.  They are duds!
 The aloe are in bloom.  This stands four feet tall , also, and is a favorite of the hummingbirds!
 And hibiscus.  Beauties one and all.........


  1. We used to have honeysuckle in the yard that smelled so good but it's all gone now as is the blackberries. Your other blooms are beautiful-a tropical paradise!

  2. The pagoda Plant is gorgeous! And, I've never seen an aloe in bloom. Lovely. Our hibiscus is up...just needs a bit more time.

  3. Is there ANYTHING better than lilacs???

    Your flowers look lovely. Enjoy!

  4. I wish my yard was half as pretty as yours!

  5. Gorgeous blooms. I had no idea the aloe had such a lovely bloom or that it even bloomed at all.

  6. I did not know ALOE could bloom! How lovley. Im going out now to see if I have vibernum. I think I do! Thanks for the tour!!! Such a bountiful time of year with color and lovely scents.

  7. Aloe blooms???? We only have it as a house plant here.


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