Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Eye Candy

 Can you guess what this is?
A Pineapple flower!
 Yes, the top of the pineapple I grew and then planted last May (2016) is flowering and I should be eating it by next May! 
 Yes, every pineapple you eat, requires two years to grow! 
 Savor it!  
(If you tried fresh pineapple and didn't like the acid taste-I will tell you to rub the freshly cut pineapple in salt and let it sit for 5-10 mins,
 then rinse it and slice it up for eating! 
 Magic happens!)
 The Lifesaver Cactus is blooming again-this is number four!  
 It is about 1 1/4" across the points;  no smell but very rubbery looking!
 The plant has these long fingers that spread and grow and drop off and root-it is very interesting!
And a friend from far away thought of me and sent along some miles of machine quilting thread! 
 I have them sitting out because they are so pretty
 and the thoughtfulness just warms me up!


  1. 2 years! That amazing. I had no idea. As for that other plant...that's out of this world. It looks like a space alien!

  2. I wonder if the pineapple would grow in Zone 6? Both blooms are just gorgeous!

  3. Your pineapple recycle is JOYful and I'm in awe of it

  4. Some Hawaiian friends told me about the salt trick- it's amazing and tasty! I didn't realize it took two years for a pineapple to grow.

    Such pretty thread spools from a thoughtful friend.

  5. That lifesaver cactus plant is just plain weird looking!! almost creepy. The bloom is pretty up close, but on the "arm" it is strange - lol. Pretty spools of thread - sweet gift.

  6. Isn't nature amazing? We grew a pineapple once. Loved watching it grow and then a opossum or a raccoon had a taste before WE did.

    We will definitely be doing it again when we have a yard.

    Enjoy your new quilting threads. They are pretty colors too. LOL

  7. The pineapple plant and bloom are both beautiful! The lifesaver cactus bloom is so fascinating, but I have to admit, the "tentacles" give me the creeps. Fun gift of thread!


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