Friday, July 14, 2017


 There is something so pleasing about a doily.  
Perhaps it is because it is symmetrical and I do love symmetry.
Maybe it is because I grew up with them and everyone in the family had them on every table-bed table, end table, dining table....
even our pillow cases had crocheted edgings.
 It started because I had to buy some crochet cotton to try and fix this throw rug in front of my shower. 
 I receive it second-hand and it has seen a lot of use in the last 8 years;  
but I don't want to part with it so I tried to mend.
Unfortunately, it didn't go so well because both the warp threads 
and the weft rags are deteriorating and it is seeing its last days. 
Well, at least it took me to the crochet cotton
 and that awakened a doily urge so all is not lost!


  1. I love a pretty doily also. My great grandmother always had them all over the house. I used to love the crocheted edging on my pillows also.
    I've got a few rugs that look like that too. My cats love to use them for scratching.

  2. Does it say PARAKEET DOILY? I love the doily and you do an amazing job with them! well, the throw rug was a nice idea. My cats woulD LOVE to shred it So I'd never put on down. They have cat shred things but they adore a good bumpy rug.
    Too Da Loo

  3. I love and use doilies all the time!

    Have you tried sewing a patch on your rug? A coordinating cotton or two?

  4. I have a similar problem with my bathroom rug! I'll keep it for a little while longer, so far it's only falling apart on one edge... oddly enough the cat isn't interested, it's the dog, who destroys all the rag rugs in this house:) and the plan is to make t-shirt yarn out of old ones - and crochet them into rugs. my feear is that they might get too heavy to wash them myself, but I'll give it a try!
    and I also like doilies - but I prefer to knit them... have to finish my crocheted juggle balls first though - they are kind of addictive!

  5. Doilies in our family always smelled like cigarettes since everyone was a smoker. They are pretty, but I can't get that smell out of my head when I see them! our house is doily free!

    Though I do love the idea of crochet on pillowcases, etc. When I great aunt passed we inherited several fancy cases and table cloths she embroidered or crocheted on. I wonder whatever happened to them.

  6. Pretty doily! I love working with the thin cotton. It's fun making the stitches lay right.

  7. I can't imagine using string. I gave up lace knitting because the wool was soooo thin! Fingering is as small as I will work with now.

  8. You are braver than me trying to fix the rug. I am not a thread user, I find it just too tiny to work with.

  9. My Mom was from the south so I am very familiar with crochet work and love it. The first craft my sister and I were taught was crochet. She was only 4 years old and I learned at 6. I still love crochet but I knit more now.

  10. Beautiful doily. I have a bunch from my Mom, my MIL and an Aunt. I use some of them, but they are not all over the house - lol.

  11. Sorry the rug-fix didn't work out, but that doily is a lovely consolation prize. I love the radiating feel of it. It reminds me of a dandelion puff!


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