Monday, July 3, 2017

Transitional Stops and Starts

          Tuxie Love skipped right along and now I have to knit 
          down the foot and then have fun with the toe surprise!
 The Jarul top is knit to the waist decreases and I have a few more inches until I increase again for the bustline.
 The Sand Cardigan was a bit strange for knitting but I think I have it to the easy part now to knit across the front, shoulder, sleeve and back, etc!

I knit each of these exclusively for a day and then moved on to the next.  I think I liked doing it this way so far....
I finished all the crazy patch blocks and am using up the last of the strips to make a pieced border.  I will stitch these together and then onto the quilt during quilt group today.  
For a Saturday morning project, we sewed some super hero masks!  You can all breathe easier knowing these guys have your back!


  1. Thank goodness for the super heroes!! Your knitting looks fabulous.

  2. No one would DARE cause problems with these two on the case!!!

    (Cutest super heros EVER!)

  3. I like that idea of daily knitting monogamy. I may have to try that since my mojo has disappeared with the latest heat wave.
    The crazy quilt just keeps on getting cuter and cuter and those two super heroes are adorable!

  4. I certainly do feel safer!
    Your quilt is just gorgeous. I want to be able to do that some day!
    Sweater construction can be strange, or at least feel that way. You're making such great progress on all your projects!

  5. Caped crusaders to the rescue! I bet they love the masks and the capes.

    Fabulous progress on all of your projects. I love the scrappiness of the little quilt.

  6. Wow, your projects are cranking! Love the picture of the superhero boys!!!


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