Saturday, January 12, 2008

Outdoor Updates

I mentioned on the last post that we had a large burn pile....thought I would show you! Yes, in the middle is still some of the camphour stump-it is getting smaller but it was mammoth so it will still take quite a few burns to get rid of it! We never got the rains in July and August so did not get many opportunities to burn then; it is the dry season now so will have to wait for the odd spot of rain to get to burn this--at present, the area here has a 24" deficit in rainfall.

Caleb is here to work on his car-Dad still has the tools necessary to jack it up to change tires. Here he is working on changing his back speakers---> I stepped out to see how it was going and had a good laugh at his pose-he gave me permission to share it!

Here is one of our new little orange trees putting out its first good set of blossoms....I do wish I could 'scratch and sniff' link it for you!

And while we wait for the oranges to grow we are able to eat the tangerines that are just ripening......they will be good for months now-small but sweet, really sweet;mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,sweet!


  1. Quite the burn pile you have there...Caleb is in the perfect pose for a "beez"...I wish you could scratch-n-sniff the blossoms, too -- they look beautiful and must smell heavenly...and there is something so striking about a tree laden with fruit!

    Thanks for sharing all!

  2. I can attest to the goodness of the tangerines as can my brood. An hour after I got home with them there were 3 left.


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