Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yard Candy

This tree is full of blossoms and when you stand under it you can hear buzzing like you are next to a bee hive-it is full of honeybees! We haven't seen a single bee around here-there is a desperate shortage in our vicinity and it was a double blessing to see so many bees here! We have found out that this is an American Plum Tree-it will have fruit in late summer which is good to use for jelly or jam....right now, we will enjoy the beauty, the aroma and the bees!

See how the tangerines have ripened? They are juicy, dripping good! It is so pretty to look out our diningroom window and be greeted with this 'sunshine' every morning!
This is my Ponderosa Lemon Tree which has given birth to a lemon that probably weighs as much as the rest of the tree! We are ignorant as to how to know when to pick this wonder! It is still firmly attached, the fruit is still hard but it smells good and it is still growing so we are waiting and hoping we won't find it on the ground some morning. It is hard to tell in the photo but this lemon is about 8" long and and 25" around!

We have tons of these short shrubs growing in our hedge. They are covered with these berries all year. They are evergreen and everbearing and we don't know their names either! They are not firethrons because they have no thorns and the berries only grow under the foliage not mingled in the leaves. Would love to hear what they are, if you know, leave me a note in the comments! Thanks!


  1. Your red-berried shrub looks to me like Nandina. It's native to China and grows best in warm coastal areas. At some point in the year, with decent sun, it might sprout little white flowers.

  2. After an hour of searching, I have found the name of the bush-it is an Ardisia Crenata-native in the region from Japan to India-considered an invasive pest in the wild here in N. FL but attractive to home gardeners---agreed; it has a common name of Marlberry or Christmas berry-so now we all have learned something-

  3. Yard candy is right! Our Creator God has surrounded us with so much beauty to feast on, both with eyes and stomach!

    I never did get to plant our wintertime pansies here, so I was a little starved for color...thanks for sharing.


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